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Johan Jooste

Johan is a well known lawyer in Durban, and has been practising law for over 40 years. He is respected for his no-nonsense, straight forward legal approach. His aim is to serve the the general public by rendering the best legal advice for his clients at the most affordable fees.

Johan is a peoples person and has a passion for law. If he is not in his office you will find him on his surf-ski catching waves or on the Durban beachfront walking along the promenade.

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Qualifications & Experience

Johan completed his B.A. L.L.B. Degree at the Rand Afrikaans University in Johannesburg in 1976. He then joined the Department of Justice as a Public Prosecutor at the Central  Johannesburg Magistrates Court in the same year. He gained experience at various branch Courts in and around Johannesburg. These included Soweto as well as the Booysens Branch Court. In 1978 Johan was promoted to the rank of  State Advocate and was transferred to the Durban High Court where he prosecuted as a State Advocate for 2½ years. During this period he prosecuted in a number of murder trials, argued appeals in the Natal Provincial Division in Pietermaritzburg and in the Appellate Division in Bloemfontein.

In February 1980 Johan joined the firm,Viljoen du Toit & Krog as an article clerk. After successfully completing his articles in 1982, Johan decided to open his own practice: Johan Jooste & Co in 1983. The firm has served the greater Durban community for over 30 years. Everyone at Johan Jooste & Co is treated like family.

Practice areas

Johan specialises in civil law (motor vehicle accidents, divorces, family law matters and personal injury claims) and High Court litigation.


Johan assists attorneys from all over South Africa acting as their local Durban correspondent at the Durban High Court. Johan’s practice is situated close to the Durban High Court as well as the Registrar and he has built up a good relationship with the Registrar, Assistant Registrars and Clerks of the Durban High Court. He is able to issue Summons and obtain dates in urgent applications at short notice.

Johan has an excellent reputation amongst the various Deputy Sheriffs for prompt payment of their accounts and thus they are always willing to assist with the delivery and serving of court documents.


Johan has good relationship with the various Advocates at the Durban and Pietermaritzburg Bar. He knows their specialities and can recommend the best Advocate for a specific case.

Get to know the rest of the team


Proshnee is an experienced paralegal assistant. She has been in the employ of
Johan Jooste & Co for the last 40 years. She is Mr Johan Jooste’s personal assistant
and secretary and plays a vital role in the success of the firm. Through the years, she has assisted with the drafting of High Court,
Regional Court and Magistrate’s Court Pleadings, the preparation of Discovery
Affidavits, the Indexing and paginating of Court Pleadings, liaising with clients and
Court Officials.
She enjoys walking, Zumba, cooking and baking.

Zinhle is tasked with liaising with Registrars and Court Officials at the Durban High
Court, Regional Court and Magistrate’s Court.
She visits the Durban High Court/Regional Court and Magistrate’s Court on a daily
basis to ensure that Court files are properly indexed and paginated.
She has to ensure that Court Pleadings are filed in Court. She obtains Court dates
from Court Officials and ensures that matters are correctly enrolled in the Motion
Court, Opposed Motion Court Roll as well as the Regional Court and Magistrate’s
The Master’s office being a short walking distance from our offices, Zinhle also visits
the Master’s office on a regular basis. Zinhle has a friendly nature and has a good
relationship with Officials at the Master’s office dealing with deceased estate matters.
Zinhle enjoys soccer, walking and socialising with her friends.

Reginald is our office manager and accountant. He has been our office manager for
many years. He is also our F.I.C.A. Compliance Officer. Reg assists with ensuring
that Johan Jooste & Co complies with the Legal Practice Directives with regards to
managing the Trust Account.


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